The Boy from Lavender Town


That day, we lost something that could never be replaced.

Can we all just appreciate the fact that it looks like Gurren Lagann’s even crying.

Embrace your dreams. Protect your honor

My 1000th like, wouldn’t give it to anything else.

So is Conception 2 any good?

I’ve been looking at the reviews all day and can’t decide wether or not to pick it up or not.

I am in love with this opening and I haven’t even seen Part 1 yet.

Today in JRPG News

Sony’s localizing 3 rpgs Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars, and Oreshika, Tales of Hearts R may be localized being a GameStop exclusive, and Square Enix is teasing a new Mana and Saga games. Also Conception 2 comes out tomorrow and Demon Gaze next week. 

Every game I own looks like crap compared to this. 


ROCK ON!!!!!

Trying to figure out what Gunpla to get to go with my new Build Strike, suggestions?

This feels like some Gurren Lagann refernce or something right.

This feels like some Gurren Lagann refernce or something right.


Ira’s Montra, Episodes 23 and 24

NaLu’s cannon now isn’t it.

NaLu’s cannon now isn’t it.

October can’t come faster.

October can’t come faster.

i still believe!
in the me that i believe in.
in humanity. in the future.
i believe.
my drill is my soul!

shit kazuki nakashima loves: delinquents, dramatic group shots, and drills

…I really should watch Kamen Rider shouldn’t I